Social Welfare for Social Development


Development is the heart and soul of every society. Today, when we have reached the moon and are aiming for big things in life, each one of us wants to be developed. But what is development? Is it only a matter of creating new technology? Or is it about being better than the others? Or does it mean having more money and resources?

For each one of us, development has a different meaning. But the core definition of development is giving equal rights and opportunities to every single member of the society irrespective of his caste, class and creed.


Punjab is one of the biggest states in India. We are wealthy, healthy and happy. But are we developed? Developed at the social front? For this we need to look at certain aspects. Are we free from poverty? Is every individual of our state getting his basic needs fulfilled? Are we respecting the women of our state?

developing punjab

Punjab has been improving on the social front over the past few years. The literacy late of our state is getting better with every passing year.

Education is the essence of development. We have some of the leading universities and colleges in our state which are undoubtedly excellent and match the standards of the western educational institutions. Why should our children go to Oxford or Yale for education? Punjab is coming up with the best of educational and employment opportunities for the youth.

“The status of any society can be understood by looking at the situation of the women of that society.”

Women of our state are our prestige. We need to make them more independent. They should go out, learn and explore. Punjab is known for giving its women the best of opportunities. Women have always been treated equally in Punjab.

Employment is generated through various sources in the state of Punjab. The youth of Punjab is persistent to make their state the number one in the entire country. With better infrastructure and big industries being set up in the state, Punjab is heading forward in terms of development.

Developing Punjab

Developing Punjab is a big mission, which can be achieved through small initiatives by each one of us. All we need to do is do our bit for our state.

Development is not only the responsibility of our government. We as individuals have to be a part of this process.  Let us be educated. We must know our rights, and use them to the fullest. Let us make people aware about their rights. It is important to do good to our people so that Punjab sets an example for the rest of the states in our country.

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