Developing Industrial Focal Points in Punjab

Industrialization is one of those factors, which help a sate and in-turn a country to grow manifolds. Punjab has always been an industrial hub for various sectors and it further has potential to grow many more industries within itself. With this thought, the Government of Punjab has taken a very positive step forward of planning to set up in the Ludhiana and Patiala district. These industrial hubs will be set up in an area spanning across 500 acres, which will give an opportunity for the industrialist to come up with something constructive and interesting.

It is a good decision to involve these two places as the focal points for setting up industries, because these are foreseen as a part of the Amritsar-Kolkata corridor. Approved the proposal of Punjab State Industries Export Corporation - Akali DalAs per the spokesperson of the Chief Minister’s Office, the Rural Development and Panchayats department has allotted a land of 300 acres in Ludhiana at Dhanansu village and land of around 200 acres in Pabra and Takhtumajra near Rajpura in Patiala. The concerned Deputy commissioner will further transfer the land to the Punjab State Industries Export Corporation, so that setting up of the focal points can be taken forward.

Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation has taken up the task of setting up these focal points. This is that organization which already has 42 industrial focal points across the state. This was long due as Ludhiana was also looking for an industrial focal point to be set up, so that they can improve the working of the industries with the state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure and yield better results. Also, as Rajpura is a point which is close to Chandigarh and also has connection to the Eastern corridor, setting up of such new facilities will be very beneficial in the near future for both the states.

It has always been known that setting up of industries is not only beneficial for the industrialists but for the district on whole, as it helps in generating better employment opportunities and take the whole place forward with new technology and infrastructure.

Along with the industries, Punjab Government has always made sure to take along their farmers as well. While announcing for the industrial focal points the government also approved allowance of health insurance and personal accident cover to the farmers for Rs. 50, 000 and Rs. Five lakh respectively to the farmers who get their produce to the marketing. This would be provided under the Bhagat Puran Singh Health Insurance Scheme.

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