Government enforces measures to prevent Dengue

Dengue is one of those kinds of diseases, which once starts, spreads across the whole region at a very fast pace. It is the responsibility of the citizens to take up all safety measures to prevent the penetration in Dengue in their surroundings. If not detected at the right time, it can result to being fatal. Punjab government recently held a meeting to work out a plan to help in avoiding penetration of Dengue in the state.

Surjit Kumar Jyani, the health minister of Punjab advised all the citizens to keep a check in their homes and in the surroundings for water clogging. Government enforces measures to prevent DengueAs Dengue is a water-borne disease, so first and foremost step is to avoid water clogging anywhere in the surroundings, this will prevent the mosquitoes from breeding and spreading the disease further. To help in maintaining this all around the state, he declared Friday to be that day of the week when everyone is supposed to clear out filled up tanks, coolers or any other such place in the house where breeding is possible. By doing it every week, it will be easier to maintain the surroundings healthy for the citizens.

From urban to the rural areas, he has asked the concerned departments and the Panchayats to keep a check in their respective regions for homes or offices to clear out water every week. Fine will be applied to those establishments who wouldn’t adhere to the said instructions. During the season, when the probability of mosquitoes to breed is highest and Dengue is in the air, the authorities are advised to go to each and every home and office to check themselves every week, if there is water clogging and charge fine accordingly to the head of the house or the in-charge of the office.

He also gave similar instructions to the officials of Water Supply and Sanitation to keep a check on provision of potable water and get necessary pipes and other infrastructure changed and repaired from time to time.  It is important for each and every person and establishment of the state to take care of their individual establishments and surrounding if they wish to prevent this disease from harming even a single body.

Southern India has started receiving report of rising cases of Dengue in their cities, and as the temperature is rising, the probability of breeding fro mosquitoes is increasing. So, this is the time to be cautious enough to not let them breed in your surroundings and bite the infection into your body.

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