July 2016 will welcome BRTS in Amritsar

Amritsar is one such place of Punjab, which doesn’t has any specific season for tourists, but it is flocked with tourists all the year round, as the Golden Temple is one of the major tourist attractions in the whole state. This is the reason why it is mostly congested with traffic on major roads. The Government of Punjab has been working on setting up a Bus Rapid Transit System in the city to make the travelling process easier for the tourists as well as the residents.

July 2016 will welcome BRTS in Amritsar, sukhbir singh badal, Developing Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal, Harsimrat Kaur Badal

It is a high-investments project, with an investment of around Rs. 600 crore and is now almost ready to welcome the customers on road. It is being planned to be open by the first week of July. It covers an area of 31 Km around the city and covers the most-visited areas. Air-conditioned buses will be moving in these lanes, giving way to the cars and other general traffic on the main road areas. It will be easier for the buses to go directly at the next bus stop, without wasting time on the way in traffic jams. It is also a great encouraging factor for the public to take up public transportation.

The traffic conditions and the density of population in Amritsar is almost similar to that of Ahmedabad and this is why the government authorities of the holy city had first studied the plan of the BRTS system of Ahmedabad and then applied the same in their city. The BRTS of Ahmedabad is a boon for the city, and similarly we believe Amritsar will also benefit a lot from the same.

  • Increasing the width of the roads, the BRTS lane has been made in the center lane of the roads, with traffic being allowed to flow smoothly on both the sides.
  • In some small patches of portions, the BRTS lanes haven’t been made and the buses will be running amidst the normal traffic, as constructing a BRTS in the middle would have meant further chaos for the general traffic, due to small width of the roads, which couldn’t be increased.
  • The BRTS lane wouldn’t be one way, and are wide enough to allow two buses to pass each other from opposite directions at one time.
  • Bus stops have been made at an interval of every 500 meters and the passengers can cross the roads to the bus stop, by passing through the red lights.
  • The lifts will further take the passengers to the elevated corridors.

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