Ludhiana, all set for a Makeover

Ludhiana is that city of Punjab, which is known to show off its swanky cars, starting from the Honda and going on till Jaguars and more. But being the Industrial Hub of Punjab, and with so many cars on the road, it is known to be one of the most polluted cities of India. The irony is that it also produces the most numbers of cycles every year; still the people riding those are the least.

Ludhiana all set for a makeover - Developing Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal,Shiromani Akali Dal

Now it has been named as one of the city to be developed as a smart city of India under the scheme launched by the Government of Punjab India, it is expected that with this happening, things will be a lot easier for the residents of Ludhiana. Currently a number of projects and plans are being worked on to develop this city and give it a fresh, new look, with better environment and roads.

Plans have been made to eradicate the diesel auto rickshaws from the streets of Ludhiana and instead place the GPS enabled e-rickshaws in the coming five years. Along with helping in improving the conditions of the environment, it will be easier for everyone to commute safely with the GPS system. Various cities in India, like Delhi has e-rickshaws going all around the city and it is a successful alternative to the diesel operated auto-rickshaws.

With so many cars going on the roads, on daily basis, it is difficult to find a space to park the car in Ludhiana. This is a problem faced by various developing cities but Ludhiana has got a tech-based solution to the same. A new mobile application has been launched in the city which tells you about the areas where parking is available. So now, you don’t have to roam around, checking for availability at different parking lots. The application has been named as ‘Finlo’ and is launched by the municipal corporation, in collaboration with Auribises Technologies. This application will also stop the cheating by the contractors at parking lots, as it contains all the information regarding the parking rates and timing too.

While looking for parking, you can easily check with the application, if there is a free parking lot in the vicinity or any government operated ones with cheaper rates. This will also eradicated the manual slips which are handed over when the car enters, as now you will just have to register at the application and the parking lot operator will scan the same to register your car.


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