Punjab Fight against Breast Cancer

Punjab is one of those states of India, which is at the highest risk of breast cancer amongst women, and this is the reason why it should take an immediate action to fight against the same. The government has now encouraged all the women, especially those who are above the age of 40 years to get themselves examined for Breast Cancer at a nearby hospital. The state-run hospitals have also be instructed to encourage all the female patients coming to the hospitals or clinics, to get an examination done by the doctors for this life-threatening disease.

If all the ladies get themselves checked, then it will be an easier job for the doctors to handle the cancer, if it is at an early stage and they get to detect it in the beginning. The main symptom of Breast Cancer is to find any kind of abnormal lump in the breast. If this seems to be the case with anyone, then the doctors will suggest her to go for further examination, to see whether it is cancer or anything else. The doctors can help in eradicating the possibility of the lump or the symptoms to turn in to cancer, if detected at the early stage. If allowed to grow further, then it can be really difficult to cure the disease.

It is generally seen common amongst women turning 40, and the ones who have a history of Breast Cancer. The government is specially asking the hospitals to examine those ladies, who have a history of breast cancer in their family. Along with examining the ladies, the doctors will also educate them on how to self-examine themselves, and what are the initial symptoms of the disease, so that in case they find any such symptom in their body, in future, then they can immediately consult their nearby hospital.

The most common types of cancer amongst women, specially in Punjab is the Breast cancer, cervical cancer and the uterus cancer, which are critical as well as difficult to handle, if discovered at a later stage. Ladies visiting the dental departments will also be checked for any abnormal cavity and if discovered, persuaded for further investigation relating to the same.

Along with having display boards, educating people about different kinds of cancer, the health department will also provide reading material to the patients coming to the hospital, to help them educate about the life-threatening disease.


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