Shorter route being developed for the Mohali Airport

It will be easier for people living in Chandigarh to reach the airport as the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) is developing a new route to the Mohali International Airport from Chandigarh. This route will be three kilometers shorter than the present route that people take to reach the airport.

Shorter route being developed for the Mohali Airport - Developing Punjab, Punjab Transportation

The new route will be connecting the Mohali railway station road, which is in front of the Bawa white House with the recently constructed airport road near Rurka village. For the new route, a road will be laid down from Phase XI of Mohali. Currently, people of Chandigarh have to come through Tribune Chowk to reach the International Airport of Mohali and cover a distance of around 18km. But once the new route is developed, they will have to cover a distance of almost 15 km, which will be saving time for many.

Right now the distance is quite long, as well as complicated, it will be a relief for the city if the new route gets constructed. This will even promote lesser chances of missing out flights for the ones coming from far-away ends of Chandigarh. With the construction of the new stretch, people will not have to pass through the heavy-traffic area of the ISBT Junction as they would take a left turn before itself, from Bawa White House and move further on the proposed stretch.

Shorter route being developed for the Mohali Airport, Developing Punjab, Punjab Transportation

Currently, the GMADA is in the process of getting land at the route, which has been planned, and they say that it will take almost an year to complete the whole laying down process of the new route, before it is open for public. In addition to this, GMADA is also developing three more roads in Mohali, in sectors, 78 to 109.

There will be a lot of expenditure in constructing roads in different parts of Mohali to develop the city and make it easier for people to travel around. The total expenditure would be around Rs. 500 crore. The road, which will be built from Sector 78 to 109, will be the first 200-foot wide road and will end near the railway line in Sector 109. This road will be separating various sectors, like, 86 and 87, 97 and 98 and 105 and 106. It will be a four-kilometer long road. Another 200-foot wide road will soon be constructed from Sector 88 to Sector 101.


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