Electronic Tickets available in Chandigarh Buses

The city beautiful, Chandigarh has always been favourite for many in Punjab. With a happening Punjab University and the soothing Sukhna Lake, there is a lot to look around in this Nek Chand’s city. Now, the city is even moving a step further to have more latest technology facilities for the public, so that various things can be made easier for them.

Now the passengers will not have to ask for a ticket from the conductor while travelling in the buses, but can generate one through the Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM). This new effort by Chandigarh Transport Undertaking will make the buses even more commuter-friendly.

This will ease out the job of the conductors as now they can generate tickets by just pressing a button. Not only tickets, but these machines will also help passengers to swipe their bus travel card and book their journey. A trial has been going on as the CTU had procured around 900 machines for this facility. The CTU director, AmitTalwar says that this facility will be soon available for the use of passengers of Chandigarh Buses.

Along with bringing down the operational cost of the Transport department, these machines will also help in eradicating the frauds done in giving tickets to the passengers. The conductors now can’t cheat the customers by charging higher prices as the machine will generate the ticket with the listed amount for the journey of the passenger.

It will also be easier for the department to keep a note of the data of number of tickets sold on different routes around the place. The passengers can also recharge their cards through these machines and use them to generate tickets. The machines are equipped with the facility of automatic fare collection. The facility of recharging the cards would be introduced in the second phase of the facility.

The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking is trying its best to convert all the facilities for the passengers, automatic. This will make the whole experience of the journey to be hindrance-free and motivate people to take up public transport, rather than using their personal vehicles for their routine routes.


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