Developing ‘Smart Swachh Villages’ in Punjab

Punjab has a number of villages in every part of the state. There are urban places too, but in the outskirts there are hundreds of villages, which must be upgraded soon. On his visit to the Ultra Modern Sports Park at Village Gujjarwal, Sukhbir Singh Badal announced that the Punjab Government will be developing 200 villages in the state as ‘Smart Swachh Villages’ within an year’s time, and plans to convert 11,000 villages in total in the next five years.

Developing ‘Smart Swachh Villages’ in Punjab - Developing Punjab, Sukhbir Singh BadalAlong with having the basic infrastructure, these villages will also be equipped with modern facilities, so that the standard of living of the villagers can be raised up by a notch and they can also the latest technology being used in the world today and make life easier. This would be the first state around the country, which is talking about upgrading its villages into ‘Smart Swachh Villages’. A special fund amounting to Rs. 200 crore has been dedicated for developing these villages in the 2016-17 budget announced recently.

The basic problem that the villages have, is of drinking water and sewage, Badal says that all these smart villages will be having potable drinking water and efficient sewerage system along with Wi-Fi facility, Sewa Kendra, Aanganwari and more. The roads in the villages will also be improved and strong-cemented roads will be constructed. Dispensaries and sports ground are more facilities, which will be a part of the plan, along with others.

These are some basic facilities, which should be made available for every human being as it helps in promoting a healthy and clean lifestyle, which will further reduce chances of various diseases. Everyone has always been focusing on developing the cities, but Badal says that their government has always kept the rural areas in mind and developed them equally well as the urban areas. This step of converting the villages into a smart and clean place will also generate job opportunities for the villagers, support them morally and help them in creating a better way of living for themselves and their families.


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