Get your food tested on the spot

These days, it is very difficult to judge whether the food you are having is pure or not. Whether those are the lentils, the vegetables or even milk or water. With industrialization, there are more and more products with adulteration are coming in the way, without taking care of the public’s health.

Get your food tested on the spot

It is better to switch to Organic food, but that too from a trusted source. But this is not possible for everybody to afford, as it is expensive and not very readily available in all parts of the country. The UT Health Department has devised a nice way to find out whether the food you are eating is adulterated or not. Now you can get your food tested at the comfort of your home. This will help you in knowing what all that you eat in your daily life is adulterated, and to what level.

They are preparing a mobile food-testing laboratory out of an old ambulance of the department. This will go from door to door to test your food. You can get this done at a very cheap cost of just Rs. 30. The lab will take a tour of all the sectors of Chandigarh. It is a great step to make people aware of what they are eating. You can compare different varieties of food that you consume, so that the next time when you are out for grocery shopping, you know what to buy and what not.

The lab will roam around collecting samples from the households and will be available only from Monday to Friday and not on the weekends. Mostly the products, which are being adulterated and have different varieties available in the market, are milk, milk products, oil and water. The aim of this van is to test these products from different households and spread awareness of this hazardous activity being conducted these days. With this instant testing method, the van will give out the results to the residents on the spot and will be available in different sectors, in collaboration with the residents welfare association.

This facility will be available from next week, the department has already recruited two technicians for this activity to be carried out and a driver for the van.


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