Amritsar to come under CCTV Surveillance

To stop crime in a city, the administration has to make lot of efforts and match with the increasing technology. The project of installing CCTV cameras around the city was long due but now it is finally on its way to execution. Anil Joshi, Cabinet Minister recently announced that these cameras would be installed at the important spots of the city, especially around the Golden Temple, Durgiana Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and around the Civil Lines area.

Amritsar to come under CCTV Surveillance.jpg

The survey has been going on to initiate this process and the government has earmarked a sum of Rs. 5 crore for the installation of this project. The city will be under this high scrutiny security force in a couple of months from now. Installing these cameras at important locations in the city will help in preventing crimes and making a note of miscreants who have been creating a disturbance in the society.

The place where the cameras will be installed will be under the surveillance or 24 hours a day and such arrangements would be made that no loophole is left on the way, so that the criminals can be caught red handed. The cameras will be installed on the pattern of New York, using sophisticated technology, which prevents high-level crimes in the city. The survey regarding the installation of the cameras was carried out in 432 different points in Amritsar and Pride and Water Cooperation did it along with the local police of the city.

The installation of this project will be a relief for the citizens of the city. As this is a high-traffic tourist city, so there are a number of miss-happenings amongst the locals as well as with the tourists. To keep the sanctity of this holy city maintained, some efforts are required to make it a safe place for the tourists and the locals at the same time. A number of cases are coming in the forefront these days about the increasing crime in the city, so this is high time that an action of this sort is taken to make the citizens more comfortable while roaming around. It is a necessity for the ladies to feel safe in the city and not be scared of going around by themselves.


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