Time to save water – World Water Day

From college students to corporates, everyone made their best efforts to spread awareness about saving water on the World Water Day. The students from NSS Units of the SSD Girls College creatively participated in the poster-making and slogan-writing competitions to spread awareness of water saving initiatives on the World Water Day. Ria from the BCom Department bagged the first position, whereas her namesake, Ria Kapoor from BCom Honours secured the second position. Maninder Kaur secured the third place from the MCom department.

world_water_dayTo create awareness amongst their employees and their contractual employees Talwandi Sabo Power Limited celebrated the International Day of Forests and the World Water Day and educated the team on the forest, sand water conservation and its usefulness in day-to-day lives. Most of the jobs around the world are related to water, everyone requires it in their personal as well as professional working areas to lead the daily processes. A spokesperson of TSPL said that the theme for the year 2016 is Water and Jobs, which tell us about how the quantity and quality of water being available in the society will affect the workers’ lives and transform economies in a drastic way.

They all participated in a plantation drive, which was organized to mark these environment-friendly days. Approximately, the employees in different parts of the premises planted 450 saplings and these saplings were of neem, pipal, bargad and more medicinally essential trees.

The issue of overflow of water at the overhead water tanks leads to a large amount of wastage and this is the water which can be easily conserved. The team installed float valves in 11 different locations of the toilets in the premises with overhead water tanks. Seminars and discussions were also organized to teach them about easy practices that they can inculcate in their daily lives to prevent wastage of water and turn to environment friendly activities.

The international Day of Forests is celebrated around the world on March 21st and the World Water Day is being celebrated on the 22nd March, which was declared by The United Nations General Assembly in the year 1993. Being just a day apart, TSPL officials planned to mark the celebration for both the days together and try to create an environment friendly world around them.


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