Talking Psychiatry with Ludhiana

A free psychiatry camp was organized in Ludhiana in Payal district at Bhai Lalo Dharamshala to talk to the people about mental illness. It was organized by one of the leading mental health care center of the region, Mind Plus. The organization has been trying its best to offer effective cure for various mental conditions, as they believe that mental illness is the most dangerous and there is no health without mental health.

This was an opportunity for people to come out of their shells and discuss problems with the experts and seek the required solutions. People generally do not take up mental illness seriously and see it just as a momentary condition, until and unless there is something serious or the patient commits some crime. It is advised to recognize this condition at an early stage so that proper cure and care can be given to the patient.

The society treats such patients in a very ill manner but the doctors say that these patients should be handled with extra care and love. It is not in the hands of the patients to keep a check on their actions and it is because of the wrong state of their minds that their actions are not acceptable by the society. There were special doctors, psychiatrists from the organization who were present at the camp and made the audience aware of the symptoms of such mental-conditions.

Killing of girl child and education of girl child are two other major issues that are prevalent in places like Ludhiana and other parts of Punjab. It is very disheartening to see that people do not respect the genders equally and in today’s era also discriminate girls from boys. Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation of Brahmakumaris has been organizing a campaign all across the country, by the name of ‘Save and Empower the Girl Child’. The campaign also covered Ludhiana. The aim of the campaign was to purify the souls of men and women and invoke internal powers in them. The speaker from the organization, Urmil motivated the women in the audience to stand up for their rights and the rights of the girl child, fight against female feticide and dowry and the unequal sex ratio. With her speech she asked them to come out of their male-dominant shells and make their own identity in the society and fight for the recognition that they deserve.


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