Harsimrat Badal promotes hygiene for women

Personal hygiene is a major point of concern for ladies in different parts of the country. The urban areas still don’t have much of this issue but it is the rural areas, the villages where females need to be educated about personal hygiene and it is important to make the required products available for them at affordable prices.

HarsimratBadal promotes hygiene for women.jpg

Till date there are many villages in the country where ladies do not use sanitary napkins during their menstruation cycle and go for various other unhealthy options. This is increasing the chances of a number of intensive diseases amongst the females. Harsimrat Kaur Badal has taken a very positive step and has set an example by launching a sanitary napkin vending machine at the Government Senior Secondary School for girls at Mall Road in Bathinda. This is a very unique and very important step that has been taken by the government.

She is now planning to install 20 more such units at different educational institutions in the district. Being installed in the school, it will help in promoting personal hygiene and the girls will also learn the usage of the same. The teachers can talk to the students about the care to be taken during menstruation cycle and how the girls can maintain their hygiene levels to stay healthy. Personal hygiene leads to a healthy life for the ladies and if it starts from the young age itself, then it is even better for them to maintain it throughout their lives and get away from diseases caused due to unhygienic practices.

The vending machines give napkins at a very reasonable rate. It gives out three napkins on pressing the button once, for a charge of Rs. 10. The installation of these machines cost around Rs. 25, 000 and they are being installed by the HLL Company. Incinerators have also been installed in the girls’ washrooms, so that they can dispose off the used napkins in there, which will further burn the napkin. Installation of these machines in the educational institutions itself will help get girls rid of the insult they feel while buying the sanitary napkins from chemist shops or other shops in the markets.


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