Farmers’ Health Insurance Scheme launched

Health Insurance Scheme was recently launched all around the state for farmers; to maintain their health and support them with any kind of help required making them stay healthy, as they are the backbone of our country.

Farmers Health Insurance Scheme launched

Surjit Singh Rakhra, Minister for Higher Education launched the Bhagat Puran Singh Health Insurance Scheme at Bhawalpur Palace in Patiala. On the other hand, Bikram Singh Majithia, Information & Public Relation Minister offered free health treatment to farmers, small traders and registered construction workers under the Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat Bima Yojna in Amritsar.

Under this scheme, the farmers and their families will be given health insurance cover of around Rs. 50, 000 every year for each family who is a part of this scheme. Along with this, Rs. 5 lakh cover is also a part of the scheme for a situation when the head of the family dies accidentally or is suffering from complete disability.

Representatives attended the ceremonies in both the cities of Punjab from the respective authorities, and all are appreciating this scheme, it has specially developed confidence amongst farmers and their families. With such schemes, Punjab has become one of the very few states around the country that have been able to effectively implement pro-people schemes. With such schemes, the government is trying to help in raising the standard of living of Below Poverty Line families.

The benefits of this scheme can be enjoyed by the Smart Card Holders, which will include the Blue Card holders of Punjab, which are around 28 lakh families, J-form holder farmers, who are around 11 lakh in number, small traders and even construction workers, who are at least 2.3 lakh each. The government has earmarked, an amount of Rs. 116 crore for this purpose.

Along with taking care of their expenses on health related finances, the government will also be providing a cover of around Rs. 5 lakh in case there is damage due to fire on their business premises. Another health insurance scheme for the farmers is the cashless health insurance scheme, which is already being operated since January 2016. An amount of Rs. 56 crore has been reserved for the same by the government.


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