Bathinda, the best Zila Parishad for 2015-16

When an administration functions well, the people who get the maximum benefit are the common citizens. Each and every citizen wants an administration that will work for his or her welfare.The Bathinda Zila Parishad (ZP) brought laurels to the district by being adjudged the best Zila Parishad in the entire country for the year 2015-16. The entire town was painted in the colours of joy after this achievement. Besides the award, the ZP is also going to get a grant of Rs 50 lakh for further development on behalf of the Rural Development Department of the Central Government.

The Bathinda Zila Prishad has always been keen to develop the town. Development on the social and economic front has been the top priority of the Parishad. The transparent system of functioning is what distinguishes the Bathinda Zila Prishad from other Zila Parishads in the country.The development of any country depends on house it is functioning at the grass root level. If the grass root level is functioning effectively then eventually all the levels will be effective and the nation will be a developed one.

The Parishad ensures that every single penny from the funds and grants that they get is spent on the developmental activities. Cleanliness and sanitation have been two really important aspects that the Parishad had worked on. Such achievements not only help in getting recognition but also boost the morale of the administration as well as the public who strive hard to keep up their good work and achieve bigger goals in the future.

Growth and development of Bathinda were the main objectives of the Parishad. Each day something or the other is being planned and executed by the Parishad. The participation of the local people is also a benchmark set by this Parishad. People are happy with their administration because it entirely focuses on the public. The Parishad keeps taking new initiatives to ensure that the town receives basic facilities easily and every person in Bathinda gets the basic needs fulfilled. Bathinda is a model for all other places in the country that are running on the pathways of social welfare and development.


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