Cycling around on World Health Day

It has been very truly said by someone that ‘Health is Wealth’. Without being healthy, you cant enjoy the wealth you have and nor you can live a happy life. One must be conscious of his/her lifestyle and take a note of what all are his eating habits as these are some of the major factors, which turn into life-threatening diseases.

Cycling around on World Health Day.jpg

On World Health Day, The Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar organized a cycling and two-wheeler rally where hundreds of people participated and showed their interest towards leading a healthier lifestyle. The theme of the rally this year was to beat Diabetes. This is one such disease which is either passed down through generations or occurs in ones body due to over intake of sugar and sugar products.

The best way to prevent you from diseases like Diabetes and Thyroid, one must workout regularly, whether it is exercising, walk, jogging, cycling or any other means of workout. This is why the Fortis Escorts Hospital chose cycling as one of the means to take out a rally on World Health Day. Hundreds of people participated in the rally and there were many more who took part in cheering the participants.

Diabetes is such a life-threatening disease that it is already one of the major causes that lead to kidney failures, amputation and blindness around the world. According to World Health Organization, by the year 2030, this will be the seventh leading cause of death worldwide.

Dr. HP Singh, the Medical Director at the hospital and Dr. Pinak Moudgil, Facility Director said that a person prone to Diabetes or one who is suffering from diabetes should go for a 60 minute exercise plan regularly. This can include 30 minutes of walk, 15 minutes of resistance training exercises and some more stretching and relaxing exercises.

Seeing the crowd at the rally, one can imagine how much awareness people have relating to this disease and how motivated everyone seems to be to kick-start the path towards a healthier lifestyle. Cycling, which was the theme of the rally is one of the best exercises that helps one in losing weight, pumping the muscles and even regularizing the sugar levels in the body.


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