Government, trying to cure Hepatitis B & C

Health is one of the major factors that determine the development and progress of an individual as well as a society. To ensure that the society is going in the right direction, it is important to provide the people with the best of health care facilities.

Government, trying to cure Hepatitis B & C.jpg

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are two of the most common disorders that cause problems to people. To ensure that the patients of Hepatitis b and Hepatitis C get the best treatment free of cost, the government of Punjab is working on the lines of creating a fund for the patients of Hepatitis B and C. With the help of this fund, the patients would get free-of-cost treatment at government hospitals.

As per the current scenario, the patients are getting Hepatitis B and C medicines at subsidized rates. These medicines are available at the Red Cross outlets at the civil hospital. Earlier a major chunk of the poor patients were unable to afford costly medicines which will no be provided for free of cost with the help of this relief fund by the government.

Hepatitis C is most common among those who are intravenous drug users. A large number of people, especially the people of the Doaba region, are suffering from Hepatitis C. Out of every ten IDUs, six are reported with Hepatitis C. But the prevalence of Hepatitis B is relatively less.

The state government is highly concerned about the patients of hepatitis. Earlier, the medicines for these ailments used to cost between Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. After some time, the costs were reduced to Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000.

The government has now decided to provide relief for free to poor patients, depending on the magnitude of the problem. According to the Health Minister, a fund of Rs 20 crore has been kept aside especially for the patients of hepatitis B and C patients and tenders have also been passed.

The free-of-cost treatment of diseases will begin very soon in the government hospitals. This free treatment will serve as a boon for the poor people who cannot afford costly medicines. The patients of Hepatitis B and C will be relieved with this fund and medicines will be more accessible for such people.


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