Reminders on the app for Pregnant Women

It is a feeling of immense joy when one gets pregnant, but with the same, comes a number of responsibilities and a handle with care tag. From numerous tests, to regular check-ups the expecting women needs to visit the doctor regularly for her as well as her child’s health.

Reminders on the app for Pregnant Women.jpg

Now, the district administration in Ludhiana has come up with a great solution for these ladies to keep a track of their appointments, and remind them regularly on when they have to visit the doctor. This mobile application will send reminders to the ladies about their vaccination dates and other health-related important information.

With this information being handy with them, they don’t have to worry about missing any of the important appointments. The application has been very well named as ‘Maternal Vaccination’ and the expecting mothers have to save their required details in the application. Post this, the process of sending regular reminders for the vaccination dates will start coming and a special reminder will be given a couple of days before the due date of delivery.

With this application, you also need not worry about where you need to go for vaccination. The application will assist the users to also find the government Primary Head Centers and Community Health Centers around the district, where one can easily find the required vaccinations and medicines. You can even use GPS along with this application to get the correct route to these centers from your location.

To get a personalized touch, you can even set a language of your choice in the application, which are, Punjabi, English or Hindi. Whether you are using an Android phone or an I Phone, you can download this application on both the systems. It is a great step by the government to ensure that the pregnant ladies are served the best health care, and proper care is given to their child. Missing the vaccinations during this period adversely affects the health of both, the baby and the mother, and with this application, one can easily lower down the infant mortality rate.


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