Science Models get mobile

Someone rightly said that all education couldn’t be imparted within the walls of the school; there are some realistic experiences of life and even some practical procedures that help the students in learning in a better way. Taking this saying a step further, the Pushpa Gujral Science City has developed a mobile bus with science models inside, to educate students in rural areas in and around Bathinda and other areas of Punjab.

Science Models get mobile.jpg

The first trip of this educational bus was flagged off by Additional Deputy Commissioner (D) Sheena Aggarwal from the district administrative complex. The first stoppage for the bus was at the senior secondary school for girls on the Mall Road, where students from various nearby schools had come to experience this new form of learning. The students were excited to witness various models based on science, which focused on solar electricity, water treatment plant and different parts of the body. A project-in charge was present in the bus, Shilpa, who helped the students in understanding the projects and to learn these lessons of this subject.

Talking about this innovative idea, Shilpa said that the basic motive behind this project is to reach till the remote areas of Punjab and to introduce the intricacies of daily-life science, involving nature and human body to the students in the outer areas of the city, who otherwise cannot afford to pay the fees for good quality school education.

Along with motivating the youth to take up further studies in the field of sciences and technology and to take up careers in the same, it will also help the people of the rural areas to come out of their clutches of superstitions. The bus was started by the Pushpa Gujral Science City in Kapurthala along with IK Gujral Punjab Technical University and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Covering 22 different districts in the statem the bus has already been to 15 of them and will stay in a particular district for a stretch of four days, visiting different schools.


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