Jalandhar National Highway stretch to be completed

The development work in the state of Punjab is going on in full swing. Development on various levels and various departments is taking place in order to ensure that the entire state is moving ahead in the right direction. To develop the roads of the state, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is about to complete the stretch falling in Jalandhar. This project will be completed as a part of the ongoing six-lane of the Jalandhar-Panipat highway. This development will take place within a time span of a year.

Jalandhar National Highway stretch to be completed.jpg

The foundation stone of military assets of this project was laid down by the senior officials of the NHAI, Army and district administration. They are to be constructed in place of the old structures. The old structures will be demolished as part of the ongoing project.The NHAI is taking this project speedily. The JCO Mess is the first building being constructed by them. It is one of the units of the Vajra Corps. Apart from this building, a number of other structures which are being demolished will be constructed in the due course of time.

There are around 40 Army structures, which are to be demolished in a stretch between the PAP Chowk and Rama Mandi Chowk. Out of these 40 army structures, 16 are main structures. They include garage for the HRV, garage for the LRV, garage for LI VEH, garage for 2.5 ton, garage for the ALS, washing platform, shed for recovery store, shed for the MT store, FOL dump, oil and lubricant store, elevated sentry post, guard room, hard standing, regiment store, storage and the JCO mess and club.The construction work of the security wall by the NHAI is 90 per cent complete and to complete the remaining portion the team is working in progress. Once the construction of the security wall and guard posts is completed by the NHAI, the work on the expansion of the NH-1 will also commence soon. A major benefit of this process is that this will reduce the problem of traffic congestion at Rama Mandi Chowk and PAP Chowk. The six-lane project of the Jalandhar-Panipat highway was a massive success in Jalandhar due to the pending issues of land acquisition. Stuck for over two years, the land along the highway from parts of the city near PAP Chowk, Rama Mandi and 12 villages up to near Haveli was to be acquired by the NHAI. This project will be of great help to the people as it will ease their travel.


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