Solving the parking issues

Parking is a huge issue in every locality as people are getting more and more cars but unable to develop the parking space for the same. A happening place like Sector 17 in Chandigarh, which is visited by a number of people on daily basis faces these parking woes as a daily issue. To solve the same, the authorities have developed a multi-level parking facility in the market, so that the visitors can be at ease.

Solving the parking issues.jpg

The parking is almost ready now and will be launched on 7th May 2016 by Kaptan Singh Solanki, Punjab and Haryana Governor-cum-UT Administrator. The parking facility will be charged from the very first day, unlike the earlier proposal, where it was supposed to be developed as a free parking facility. The parking facility will be open for the commuters from the day of inauguration and the charges will be levied on hourly basis.

For the operations during the initial three months, the parking facility will be allotted to a corporate firm who would be running it and charging Rs. 5 hours for the first four hours and an additional Rs. 5 for every adding hour.

Hundreds of cars visit the Sector 17 market on daily basis and it even soars high over the weekends. The parking facility was a much-required space in this much-visited area as the available parking wasn’t sufficient enough to hold these many cars. This facility can accommodate around 950 cars at a time.

This project was being delayed since a long time as there were a number of hurdles on the way, due to which the completion of the project couldn’t be done on the decided date, but now that all is well, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is ready for the inauguration of this place.

The commuters and visitors, and especially the shopkeepers of that area are very satisfied with this new development as they were the ones facing the most of the problems due to insufficient space of parking available in the area. Due to this, there used to be customers who would not prefer coming to this market, as they didn’t want to face this issue while entering the facility.

There are many more areas around the state that should be equipped with such a facility, so that the citizens can be at comfort.


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