Chandigarh – the only Kerosene free city in India

Now, the sale of subsidized cooking and lighting fuel has been stopped in the city and this is why the UT Administration has declared it as a Kerosene-free city. Also, as no other city around the country has achieved this tag, Chandigarh becomes the first Kerosene-free city in the country.

The households in the entire city have now moved on to LPG cylinders, from the Kerosene lamps. Efforts were being made by the Petroleum ministry and the administration department of Chandigarh to bring the city to these standards since last few months. A number of camps were organized around the city to motivate the public to come forward and enroll themselves for the hassle-free LPG connections. The households, which are Below Poverty Line, they were given LPG connections without the deposit fee, so that they can take this step of moving forward from Kerosene to LPG.

Also, the households, which are Above Poverty Line, were given interest-free loans, so that they can also be motivated to take this step forward. Around 1, 574 connections were made for the Below Poverty Line families and in total there were around 15, 249 LPG connections done during this entire campaign of connecting people to LPG.

Schemes were formulated in such a way that every household could take the benefits of the same and doesn’t feel the financial pinch during its move from Kerosene to LPG.

The Deposit-Free LPG connection scheme that was launched for the Below Poverty Line families had received an LPG Cylinder and a regulator, free of cost while taking up the connection. The second scheme, which had offered Zero-Interest loans to the customers, were given one LPG Cylinder, one regulator and a Suraksha pipe, which was worth Rs. 1, 740.

The forms to take up the connections of LPG are still available with the LPG Dealers, near your place or even; you can collect the same from the Office of Food and Supplies, Sector 17. The Sarpanches and MCs of various districts also have the form and one can apply for an LPG connection for free by just filling up the same.


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