Improved seeds sold like ‘Hot Cakes’

The Punjab Agricultural University has been organizing various Kisan Melas across the state of Punjab to educate the farmers about new techniques in the field of farming and introduce them to the new introduced seeds and even organic farming. These Melas have helped a number of farmers in exploring a new world in their own field and regenerate their interest to tryout new things and develop their processed with the discovery of new technologies.

Improved seeds sold like ‘Hot Cakes’With these Melas taking place around the state, we now have an increased demand of improved seeds from the farmers for a variety of crops. It is great to see that the farmers are ready to try out new innovations in their fields, which will help them yield better products. Dr TS Dhillon, Director (Seeds) said that the seeds were produced for different varieties in a large number by the university and around 2, 400 quintal paddy seeds were sold through these seed sales centers at the Kisan Mela.

The ones which were most in demand by the farmers, included, PR124, PR 122, PR 121, PR 114 and Pusa Basmati 1121. Other crops, which were sold in large numbers, were, maize, desi cotton, arhar, oil seeds and a variety of fodder crops. PAU had produced around 2, 500-quintal seeds of fodder crop maize’s variety J1006, which were the favourite amongst all the farmers across the state.

Improved seeds for vegetables were also being sold at the seeds sales centers and PAU had prepared around 21, 000 vegetable kits for farmers to experiment with. These were also sold out in large numbers.

As the PAU has been taking a number of initiatives to improve the experience of farming and help the farmers in yielding the best results, they had recently organized a Field Day on pulses and oil seeds. The Department of Extension Education organized this. It was organized at the Sheikh Daulat Village where around 120 farmers participated in the activity. It was an experience for them to gather first hand information and gather tips on new techniques and technologies, which can help them in procuring the best possible results with their seeds.


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