Specialized Medical Camps in Bathinda

It is difficult for people living below the poverty line to afford specialized health check-ups at hospitals, due to their financial status. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Refinery organized a number of specialized free health check-up camps under their Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and they had set up medical facilities at the villages nearby to facilitate the same.

Various corporate organizations and the government have been organizing a number of free health check-up camps in different parts of the state. This is an initiative, which helps the poor in detecting the disease, if any at an early stage. As they cannot afford these checkups, therefore they are unable to detect any serious illness developing in their bodies. The doctors at the camp help them in identifying their physical and mental state so that they can further guide them towards leading a healthy life.

Guru Gobind Singh Refinery has organized a total number of 50 medical camps in 30 different villages of Punjab and Haryana in the year 2015-16. These include nine villages from Punjab, namely, Phullokhari, Kanakwal, Giana, Ramsara, Tarkhanwala, Sekhu, Malkana, Raman and Bagha. From Haryana, it includes around four villages, which are, Hasu, Naurang, Tgri and Chattha.

The response of these medical camps have always been very positive, at it educates the villagers about early symptoms of some serious diseases and also guide them to quit any unhealthy practices and move towards an illness-free life.

Specialized doctors were available at all these camps for different check-ups that range from cardiac, pediatrics, gynecology, general medicine, ENT to eye, orthopedic, health and hygiene and more. The doctors also educate the villagers about the basic guidelines towards first aid and make them aware of road safety basics. The basic check-ups like ECO, ECG, blood-sugar levels, blood pressure are done for free of cost for each and every citizen of the villages where the camp took place.


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