Shanti Kunj invites you to its open-air gymnasium

Working out on a regular basis is very important for everyone with today’s sedentary lifestyle. It helps in keeping you active and fit throughout. Working out in regular gymnasiums and at your home might get boring at times and also suffocating. Therefore, it is best to work out in the open air, inhaling the fresh air and enjoying the greenery and scenic beauty around you.

Shanti Kunj invites you to its open-air gymnasium.jpg

Chandigarh gives you an amazing option to shift your workout in the open air with its first Open air gym at Shanti kunj, which is located in Sector 16 in the city. Also, this facility is open for all and is free of cost. It is a tremendous move by the authorities to motivate people to start working out and lead a healthy life. This installation is a motivation from the open-air gymnasium at Lodhi Garden in New Delhi. As it is located out in the park, the machines at the gym are manually operated and do not require electricity.

The cost of installation of this gymnasium is being borne by the Councilor’s Ward Development Fund and is for those who wish to start working out but unable to afford the expensive gymnasiums in the area. Around 10 machines have been purchased to be installed in this open-air facility and the cost incurred for the same is around Rs. 10 Lakhs. It is just the initial installation cost, which is high; otherwise the maintenance cost for this facility is very low.

A number of machines have been installed, keeping in mind different parts of the body,which is generally worked out like manual treadmill, legs shaper and abs shaper. To avoid stealing of the machines by anyone, the authorities have fixed the machines in the ground and they cannot be moved from their place. This facility has been installed at a stage, which was earlier used for cultural functions at Shanti Kunj.

With installation of this facility, people from all age groups will be attracted to come to the park and make use of its facilities, unlike only elderly people who have been the main audience of this place till now. It is also a great step to introduce senior citizens to Gymnaisum, who otherwise feel uncomfortable in going to such facilities. The civic body is also planning to install such facilities in other popular parks of the area and will also be appointing a trainer during peak hours here.


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