Uplifting the Amritsar Railway Station

Most of the travellers still like travelling in trains, when it comes to domestic travel. Along with being a cheaper option, many find it more comfortable and a fun journey when travelling with friends and family. Also, the lower income group of the society travels by this medium in their day-to-day lives.

In past few years, the railways and railway stations have improved at a great extent in different parts of the country. A very positive step has been taken by the Rajya Sabha MP, Shwet Malik, who is one of the members in the Railway Department of the Parliamentary Committee. At the Amritsar Railway Station, he recently organized a meeting with the administration and suggested to make the station as beautiful as the International airport of the city. This is because, Amritsar being one of the top cities of the state when it comes to travel and tourism, so having a superior class railway station is very important.

A development plan has already been devised for the railway station, which is estimated to be costing around Rs. 13 crores. This plan includes a number of improvements and revamping processes to be done at the station. Starting with it proposes to improve the parking lots by creating a four-lane parking area, with different points of entry for the two-wheelers, four-wheelers, VIP cars and three-wheelers.

A modern ticket-booking booth is required at the Platform number one; therefore the old one will soon be replaced with a new modern model of the same. The parcel building at the station is also being advised to be replaced with dormitory and more than half a dozen retiring rooms for the travellers visiting the station. Malik also suggested the administration to include a disaster management plan in the whole scheme, and add on escalators on both the sides of the station. Another improvement, in addition to the physical structure of the station, which is required, includes the way the customers are treated by the workers at the facility. The MP has suggested instructing the officials at the inquiry and booking booths to deal with the customers politely and in a courteous manner, so that they feel welcomed and do not hesitate in asking for any help.

The up-gradation of the Chheharta Railway station will help a lot in de-clogging the Amritsar railway station as various commercial transportation can be carried out from there.


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