Women of Punjab getting fitter

Being fit is important for everybody, be it a man or a woman, an old age lady or a young girl or boy. It is a sight of delight to see how girls and ladies in Bathinda are now coming forward and signing up at their nearby gyms in the city to stay fit and healthy. Be it for the matter of physical beauty or curing some inner disease, being fit is the way of life.

Women in Punjab earlier used to believe that the household chores that they indulge in will help them in staying fit, but those day are now long gone and they are hitting the gyms in large numbers. Getting in shape helps you feel good and instills confidence in yourself. The ladies of Bathinda are these days making it a point to exercise regularly and include a healthy diet in their daily routine. Ladies of Punjab have always been known to be stout built with a healthy look but now the times are changing and not only the new-age girls, but the ladies in their 30s and 40s are going towards toned bodies and fitter looks.

It is a common sight to see ladies sweating out at any gym in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai, but it was never a common sight in any city of Punjab. This trend has started coming over the city since last couple of years and it is the diseases that come along with obesity, which has forced the ladies to go towards a healthier lifestyle. They no more shy away from going out to the gym in their tracks and workout to their heart’s content.

Earlier the gyms in various cities of Punjab used to have separate timings for the females, which were during the middle of the day or early in the evening as in those days women didn’t feel comfortable working out in presence of men. But with the change in lifestyle of the society, women nowadays want to come to the gym at any time of the day as some are working, and have their own timing constraints.

Along with losing weight and getting a healthier body, women also love making friends while working out. Having a friend circle of their own at the gym, they get motivated to come regularly and meet their group of friends. Various women come and get them registered in groups, as then the workout becomes more fun and motivating.


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