Punjab Government Developing Adarsh Villages In The State

Punjab’s major portion consists of villages and these require a lot of development in terms of infrastructure, education, governance and more. The Punjab government has decided to uplift these villages and make them more advanced and a better place for the community where they can get all the facilities like clean safe water, park and playground for children, better schools and employment opportunities.

The government has been developing a huge plan with great aspirations for the state and the overall development of the rural areas which will lead to Adarsh Villages across Punjab.  District officers hae been informed about these Adarsh Villages and instructions have been given to start implementing this plan as earlier as possible in the best way.

To keep check the development on this plan, the government has also decided to create planning units at the Gram Panchayat Level. Under this plan Gram Panchayat would be the one that would formulate the development of the planning units with a numner of members which will include Sarpanch of the village, Panchayat Secretary, Gram Employment assistant, engineers, school teachers, workers and more. One the planning unit is created, the main focus would be on the transparency of the plans and the grants given to people.

Punjab government has been working hard to uplift the rural part of the society as well as the financial status of scheduled caste so that everyone has an equal opportunity for their development.


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