Punjab government works towards uplifting Rural Punjab

Punjab government has started the process of the overall development of villages with the maximum SC population. SC population of Punjab is 39% of the total population which is the highest in the country.

The development is happening under Prime Minister’s Adarsh Gram Yojana scheme which is for the development of rural areas. The spokesperson of the Punjab Rural Development Panchayats Department said that under this  scheme 34 to 50 percent population have been identified according to 2011 census and for the same Rs 3.80 Cr has been reserved.

Punjab government is keen on brining modern facilities to the village. In the first phase modern facilities like cemented roads, solar lights, dharamshalas, clean drinking water and sewerage facility etc will be provided with prioritizing villages with maximum SC pollution. This is a big step towards uplifting rural Punjab.

According to survey done by the Department, 1447 villages have 54 to 39 percent SC population, 1112 villages with 40 to 44 percent and 894 villages with 45 to 50 percent of SC population has been identified, which will come under this project.


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