Science Models get mobile

Someone rightly said that all education couldn’t be imparted within the walls of the school; there are some realistic experiences of life and even some practical procedures that help the students in learning in a better way. Taking this saying a step further, the Pushpa Gujral Science City has developed a mobile bus with science models inside, to educate students in rural areas in and around Bathinda and other areas of Punjab.

Science Models get mobile.jpg

The first trip of this educational bus was flagged off by Additional Deputy Commissioner (D) Sheena Aggarwal from the district administrative complex. The first stoppage for the bus was at the senior secondary school for girls on the Mall Road, where students from various nearby schools had come to experience this new form of learning. The students were excited to witness various models based on science, which focused on solar electricity, water treatment plant and different parts of the body. A project-in charge was present in the bus, Shilpa, who helped the students in understanding the projects and to learn these lessons of this subject.

Talking about this innovative idea, Shilpa said that the basic motive behind this project is to reach till the remote areas of Punjab and to introduce the intricacies of daily-life science, involving nature and human body to the students in the outer areas of the city, who otherwise cannot afford to pay the fees for good quality school education.

Along with motivating the youth to take up further studies in the field of sciences and technology and to take up careers in the same, it will also help the people of the rural areas to come out of their clutches of superstitions. The bus was started by the Pushpa Gujral Science City in Kapurthala along with IK Gujral Punjab Technical University and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Covering 22 different districts in the statem the bus has already been to 15 of them and will stay in a particular district for a stretch of four days, visiting different schools.


Primary Education for the Poor

Each and every student has his own potential, and it cannot be judged, until and unless they are given a chance to prove themselves. It is very important for every child to go to school, not only in urban but also in the rural areas. Primary Education is the base for the growth of every child’s mind and it should be granted to everyone in the best possible way.

Children living in rural areas are mostly not even sent to school for their elementary education, either because of lack of finances or many times because of no availability of infrastructure and resources in those areas. In a bid to impart quality education to the girl child - Akali DalPunjab Government is not leaving any stones unturned to make sure that each and every child from the villages too, gets an equal chance to have a good source of primary education.

They are now framing a policy to start with primary education in all the 41 Adarsh schools from this session. This will help in serving every child,his/her fundamental right to education in the correct manner. The Education Minister of Punjab, Daljit Singh Cheema had said this during the inauguration of a Smart Tech school in Zirakpur.

Dr. Cheema believes that it is the responsibility of the schools to offer an equal opportunity to every child to showcase their skills and talents, and also the students should utilize all the facilities of the school, to build their mind and knowledge. He said that all the children who are above the age of three should now be admitted to Adarsh Schools for proper elementary education, which is a necessity for that age. The government schools should be capable enough to impart quality education as per the standards of the private schools.

It is unfair for those bright kids in the villages, who are capable and willing enough with bright minds, to be restrained from education due to unavailability of infrastructure and resources. It is the loss of the country if they are unable to impart education till those bright minds that can in future bring laurels to the nation and spread education and awareness. Along with the government schools, the private schools should also take this up as their responsibility to impart education till the rural areas of the state. They should make such arrangements that the poor can also easily access good quality education and lead a healthy and fruitful life. The government is now trying its best to take good quality education to every level of Punjab, from districts, to villages and even deeper.

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Engineering Colleges in Punjab

Education is today the most important component of any society. For the purpose of development, the first step is education. If people are educated, they are employed and if they are employed, they are developed. Developing Punjab on the educational front is on the top for the state government.

Engineering is one of the leading choices in the field of education. A major chunk of students is moving towards the sector of engineering. To fulfill the demands of the majority of young people, the Punjab government is laying stress on the engineering colleges in the state. There are hundreds of engineering colleges in the state that are imparting world-class education to the students.

The number of engineering in the state are on rise with the increasing number of students. Students from all over India come and seek admission in these colleges. The Punjab government has ensured that every student belonging to the state gets admission in the engineering colleges.

These colleges function systematically. Proper theory and practical education is imparted to students in these colleges.

Engineering Colleges in Punjab

For the benefit of students there are premier engineering institutions in the state like the Punjab Technical University that is dedicated for the purpose of spreading education in the field of engineering

There are ample number of engineering colleges affiliated to PTU and other engineering universities all over the state. These institutes ensure that they impart world class education in the field of engineering.

Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Samritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, Moga, and all the other areas of Punjab have engineering colleges that are well equipped with practical apparatus so that students can learn the courses in the best ways possible. The state government lends its full support to these engineering colleges in whichever way possible.

The government is coming up with new engineering colleges in the state so that students from faraway places in the state do not have to travel more. The aim of the government is to increase the number of engineering colleges so that every young student can have access to the nearest engineering college.

Students studying in these engineering colleges of Punjab get placed in the best of companies from all over the world. These engineering colleges help them get the best employment opportunities.

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Education is of vital importance for any nation. No nation can grow if the people are not educated. The Education Department of Punjab undertakes various activities to enhance the quality of education in the state and to bring in maximum number of students, both girls and boys, to school. To achieve this, the department undertakes various activities and schemes, like imparting quality education to students from class 1st to 12th, computer education to students from class 6th to 12th. The department also undertakes enhancement of school infrastructure and other facilities along with recruitment and training of teachers.

quality education to students from class 1st to 12th.jpg

In an effort to impart quality education to the marginalized, the Punjab government regularly provides free text books to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students in the state. The text books are provided to Scheduled Caste students studying in 1st – 10th class in government as well as private recognized schools.

The literacy rate in Punjab has been growing steadily. The Punjab government has been able to achieve this feat because of various initiatives launched by it. These initiatives cater to every strata and section, thereby, impacting the society as a whole.

The state is also adopting multi-pronged strategy to ensure education for girls and for children who are below poverty line so as to achieve 100 per cent literacy rate. Along with these steps, the state is also focusing on helping the youth channelize their energies into meaningful pursuits.

The State government has come out with an action plan to increase the number of schools for girls and BPL (below poverty line) students besides augmenting scholarship schemes for SC/ST and meritorious students.


Unemployment is the major cause of concern in Punjab. Empowered youth are the backbone of any nation; therefore it is mandatory to provide them with training and job opportunities. Punjab government is constantly coming up with new schemes, training centres and jobs for the upliftment of the youth. Their mission is to ensure overall development of Punjab, which could be achieved by creating enough employment opportunities for the youth. Punjab government had recently launched the biggest ever employment drive in the history of the state and as per the drive, they are offering 1,13,766 government jobs to the youth of Punjab, which is within one year.  In its earlier regime, the Badal Government had offered over one lakh government jobs to youth.

In a bid to put an end to unemployment, various initiatives are being taken up to impart skill development through multi-pronged programs. These initiatives help the youth to face the modern day challenges and be accustomed to the new age technology.

Development in Punjab is on a rapid stride, which in turn has brought a wide scope of employment opportunities. With the technological updates and extensive growth of mechanization, there is a great need of fresh talent in different fields of specialization.

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Social Welfare for Social Development


Development is the heart and soul of every society. Today, when we have reached the moon and are aiming for big things in life, each one of us wants to be developed. But what is development? Is it only a matter of creating new technology? Or is it about being better than the others? Or does it mean having more money and resources?

For each one of us, development has a different meaning. But the core definition of development is giving equal rights and opportunities to every single member of the society irrespective of his caste, class and creed.


Punjab is one of the biggest states in India. We are wealthy, healthy and happy. But are we developed? Developed at the social front? For this we need to look at certain aspects. Are we free from poverty? Is every individual of our state getting his basic needs fulfilled? Are we respecting the women of our state?

developing punjab

Punjab has been improving on the social front over the past few years. The literacy late of our state is getting better with every passing year.

Education is the essence of development. We have some of the leading universities and colleges in our state which are undoubtedly excellent and match the standards of the western educational institutions. Why should our children go to Oxford or Yale for education? Punjab is coming up with the best of educational and employment opportunities for the youth.

“The status of any society can be understood by looking at the situation of the women of that society.”

Women of our state are our prestige. We need to make them more independent. They should go out, learn and explore. Punjab is known for giving its women the best of opportunities. Women have always been treated equally in Punjab.

Employment is generated through various sources in the state of Punjab. The youth of Punjab is persistent to make their state the number one in the entire country. With better infrastructure and big industries being set up in the state, Punjab is heading forward in terms of development.

Developing Punjab

Developing Punjab is a big mission, which can be achieved through small initiatives by each one of us. All we need to do is do our bit for our state.

Development is not only the responsibility of our government. We as individuals have to be a part of this process.  Let us be educated. We must know our rights, and use them to the fullest. Let us make people aware about their rights. It is important to do good to our people so that Punjab sets an example for the rest of the states in our country.

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Punjabi Youth to benefit from Punjab Govt. Initiative on Skill Development

With six multi-skill development centres coming up in different parts of the state, Punjab government aims to train 1.21 lakh youth under several schemes. A sum of Rs 267.92 crore would be spent under the Punjab Skill Development Mission, which will make Punjab a partner in ‘Make in India’ campaign of the government in the centre.

It is for the first time any government is committed to enforcing Right to Skills Development. In fact the SAD government has reinforced its will to implement the same, also suggesting making Right to Skills Development for Youth as important as Right to Information, Education and Food Security.

Chhattisgarh government is the only state in the country which has implemented Right of Youth to Skill Development. Nationally, the government in the centre is also working towards it and an Industry Conclave on Skills is scheduled to be held on January 12 in Mumbai.

The Punjab government is working on the issue also keeping in mind that the skills imparted are not made useless by a machine at a much lesser price. The government will be imparting skills which are enhanced as per the latest technology to prepare its youth for the modern market, which will also go a long way in catalyzing the start-ups.

What is needed for an effective implementation of any people-oriented policy is to rope in panchayats and civic bodies, which will act as a fillip to skill development initiative, being implemented effectively by reaching out to district and block level.

States Join Hands for a Common Agenda

Committed to the cause, the Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal is the convener of the Sub Group of Chief Ministers on Skill Development. The Sub Group felt that the major challenges were to make skill aspirational among youth besides also an advisory to all states to strengthen their State Skill Development Missions.

The North East and other states not developed much industrially were of the opinion that the central government should support such states for implementing skill development initiatives. As per the National Policy on Skill Development, there is a vision to skill 500 million labour force by the year 2022.

Encouraging Private Participation

The government is also of the view to encourage private participation in skill development besides also coming up with national skill development council and sector skill council branches at the state level.

In the last 20 years the government and private ITIs have been growing and there are 2285 government and 9821 private ones.  These can cater to the needs of 17.11 lakh beneficiaries.

The government will make vocational training mandatory from middle school. The Punjab Skill Development Mission will also work towards creating infrastructure and supporting other policies for skill development.

Multi-Skill Development Centres in major cities

Major Punjab cities which would be covered for setting up multi skill development centres are Ludhiana, Amritsar, Sri Anandpur Sahibm Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar and Bathinda at a cost of Rs 72 crores and skill development centres will also be coming up at Manakpur Sharif, Singhpura, Adampur, Maloud and Niari at a cost of Rs 52 crores. On the other hand a Regional Vocational Training (RVTI) and regional directorate of Apprenticeship Training (RDAT) is also coming up in Mohali.

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Making literates employable in Punjab

Punjab Assembly speaker stresses on primary education - Sukhbir Singh Badal

Chandigarh: The decision of the Punjab government to re-introduce exams for class V and VIII would go a long way in improving the much needed standards of education as the state is confronted with the problem of not only that of staggering army of educated unemployed but also that of their employ ability. Over the years, the standards of education have been going down and this trend that started during militancy witnessed yet another hit when the state government turned totally indifferent to the government schools on the logic that English (public) schools had been opened even in villages and people preferred these private institutions.

With  exams being only at the Class X stage, the educational standards, particularly in the government schools, have been falling drastically with high failure rates and the students ignorant of even the basics. The decision of the state government to introduce English from Class I had failed to rectify the institutional deficiencies. The problem with Punjab is that even the private engineering colleges are turning out graduates who can’t get a job of even Rs 10,000 per month. The basic issue is of their employ ability.

It is necessary to go into the background that has resulted in this crisis that amount to playing with the future of Generation Next. Rather than  continuing with the efforts to put the system back on rails, the Congress government headed by Capt Amarinder Singh that came into power in 2002 opted for privatization. One can recall the logic that used to aggressively advanced by then finance minister Surinder Singla that the government schools were not the preferred destination any more of even the weaker sections in the rural areas and hence were not needed. With that approach, the education system hit rock bottom. It was forgotten that the school education in Punjab was among the best in the country at one time. No effort was made to fill vacancies both in education and health during that period. The present crisis is rooted in that period.

Of late, strenuous efforts are being made to check this degradation for which the schools must be provide adequate number of  qualified teachers with proper infrastructure. The system should be so designed that the teachers do not have to run after transfers every year. One fails to understand as to why the main job of the education minister should be that of dealing with postings and transfers of school teachers. It would be better to appoint a teacher for a particular district or block by advertising posts for that particular area. make the teacher accountable after providing requisite facilities. This would go a long way in boosting the efforts under way to bring about qualitative improvement in the standards of education. The  youth have  to be employable and not just literate. Punjab has not only to join the bigger race in the highly competitive world but also cover the time lag. Already, the share of Punjabi youth in the high paid job market is much less. It is the entire system that needs overhauling and the decision to go in for  exams for Class V and VII should be viewed from this aspect.

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