Reminders on the app for Pregnant Women

It is a feeling of immense joy when one gets pregnant, but with the same, comes a number of responsibilities and a handle with care tag. From numerous tests, to regular check-ups the expecting women needs to visit the doctor regularly for her as well as her child’s health.

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Now, the district administration in Ludhiana has come up with a great solution for these ladies to keep a track of their appointments, and remind them regularly on when they have to visit the doctor. This mobile application will send reminders to the ladies about their vaccination dates and other health-related important information.

With this information being handy with them, they don’t have to worry about missing any of the important appointments. The application has been very well named as ‘Maternal Vaccination’ and the expecting mothers have to save their required details in the application. Post this, the process of sending regular reminders for the vaccination dates will start coming and a special reminder will be given a couple of days before the due date of delivery.

With this application, you also need not worry about where you need to go for vaccination. The application will assist the users to also find the government Primary Head Centers and Community Health Centers around the district, where one can easily find the required vaccinations and medicines. You can even use GPS along with this application to get the correct route to these centers from your location.

To get a personalized touch, you can even set a language of your choice in the application, which are, Punjabi, English or Hindi. Whether you are using an Android phone or an I Phone, you can download this application on both the systems. It is a great step by the government to ensure that the pregnant ladies are served the best health care, and proper care is given to their child. Missing the vaccinations during this period adversely affects the health of both, the baby and the mother, and with this application, one can easily lower down the infant mortality rate.


Harsimrat Badal promotes hygiene for women

Personal hygiene is a major point of concern for ladies in different parts of the country. The urban areas still don’t have much of this issue but it is the rural areas, the villages where females need to be educated about personal hygiene and it is important to make the required products available for them at affordable prices.

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Till date there are many villages in the country where ladies do not use sanitary napkins during their menstruation cycle and go for various other unhealthy options. This is increasing the chances of a number of intensive diseases amongst the females. Harsimrat Kaur Badal has taken a very positive step and has set an example by launching a sanitary napkin vending machine at the Government Senior Secondary School for girls at Mall Road in Bathinda. This is a very unique and very important step that has been taken by the government.

She is now planning to install 20 more such units at different educational institutions in the district. Being installed in the school, it will help in promoting personal hygiene and the girls will also learn the usage of the same. The teachers can talk to the students about the care to be taken during menstruation cycle and how the girls can maintain their hygiene levels to stay healthy. Personal hygiene leads to a healthy life for the ladies and if it starts from the young age itself, then it is even better for them to maintain it throughout their lives and get away from diseases caused due to unhygienic practices.

The vending machines give napkins at a very reasonable rate. It gives out three napkins on pressing the button once, for a charge of Rs. 10. The installation of these machines cost around Rs. 25, 000 and they are being installed by the HLL Company. Incinerators have also been installed in the girls’ washrooms, so that they can dispose off the used napkins in there, which will further burn the napkin. Installation of these machines in the educational institutions itself will help get girls rid of the insult they feel while buying the sanitary napkins from chemist shops or other shops in the markets.

Punjab Fight against Breast Cancer

Punjab is one of those states of India, which is at the highest risk of breast cancer amongst women, and this is the reason why it should take an immediate action to fight against the same. The government has now encouraged all the women, especially those who are above the age of 40 years to get themselves examined for Breast Cancer at a nearby hospital. The state-run hospitals have also be instructed to encourage all the female patients coming to the hospitals or clinics, to get an examination done by the doctors for this life-threatening disease.

If all the ladies get themselves checked, then it will be an easier job for the doctors to handle the cancer, if it is at an early stage and they get to detect it in the beginning. The main symptom of Breast Cancer is to find any kind of abnormal lump in the breast. If this seems to be the case with anyone, then the doctors will suggest her to go for further examination, to see whether it is cancer or anything else. The doctors can help in eradicating the possibility of the lump or the symptoms to turn in to cancer, if detected at the early stage. If allowed to grow further, then it can be really difficult to cure the disease.

It is generally seen common amongst women turning 40, and the ones who have a history of Breast Cancer. The government is specially asking the hospitals to examine those ladies, who have a history of breast cancer in their family. Along with examining the ladies, the doctors will also educate them on how to self-examine themselves, and what are the initial symptoms of the disease, so that in case they find any such symptom in their body, in future, then they can immediately consult their nearby hospital.

The most common types of cancer amongst women, specially in Punjab is the Breast cancer, cervical cancer and the uterus cancer, which are critical as well as difficult to handle, if discovered at a later stage. Ladies visiting the dental departments will also be checked for any abnormal cavity and if discovered, persuaded for further investigation relating to the same.

Along with having display boards, educating people about different kinds of cancer, the health department will also provide reading material to the patients coming to the hospital, to help them educate about the life-threatening disease.

Lady Rickshaw Driver of Amritsar

Whether we talk about the rural or the urban area, it is hard to believe that in a lot of areas, women are still believed to be the weaker section of the society. There are not many opportunities for women to grow professionally in various cities of Punjab. Most of the services are believed to be male-centric hence; it gets difficult for a woman to move into it.

Lady Rickshaw Driver of Amritsar - women welfareFacing financial crisis in the family, a lady in Amritsar was bold enough to take up the job of a battery rickshaw driver, which is believed to be a male-dominant segment. She is the only female battery-rickshaw operator who takes passengers to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. She isn’t doing this for joy, but for the financial crunch, where she needs money to feed her two-year-old child. It was her husband who has taught her to drive the rickshaw and she doesn’t see any difficulty in being a women and doing the same. It has been around four years now, since the time she had got her first passenger.

People coming to the city find it amusing to see a women rickshaw driver in a place where there are all men doing the job the whole day. Sometimes people prefer going with her, as it is a different experience altogether and they find it a thing out-of-the-box. Earlier she was driving her own rickshaw, but it was no more feasible for her and then she moved on to a rented one, where she pays Rs. 400 as a daily rent to the owner.

She says that earlier it was a challenge for her to start with it, but with time passing by, she became stronger and felt independent. She believes that every woman should be independent financially, for a secured future ahead. Working herself was the only rescue for her, as like many more in Punjab, her husband was also addicted to drugs. There are many ladies who are having this problem in their homes, but not everyone stands out for themselves and deal with it, she is one of those very few who decided to get out of the house and be the man of the family and take charge. She is very proud of her job, and doesn’t look at anyone for sympathy, she says that there are many people who get inspired by her and feel that she is doing a great job and so pay her three times the fare for the route. It encourages her further.

Its time to stop social evils against women

It is disheartening to see how in today’s time also a number of crimes are happening against women all around the country. In villages and other backward areas, people still support the practice of dowry and female foticides. The conditions in which women in the rural areas of Punjab live are very disappointing in some aspects. It is our duty to stop these social evils against women. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Union Food Processing Minister of Punjab, encouraged the women to come forward and with their unity, fight against the social evils happening in the society.

Keertan Smagam organized by Nanhi chhan - Harsimrat Kaur Badal (1).jpg

It is now high time to stop all such activities and make the future bright and non-discriminatory for the coming generation. She asked the women to fight a war against the evils like Dowry and female foticide, which are alarmingly rising all around the state. She said that even the Gurus of Sikhs taught that one shouldn’t suffer such evils and fight against it. Women themselves have the power in their unity to stop these evils, if they stop supporting them in any manner in the society.

Badal was addressing a number of women at the Kirtan darbar organized by the Nanhi Chaan Trust at Khalsa College. This is one of those organizations, which has worked hard to bring the sex ratio in the state to a good level, and the results of their campaign are really positive. More NGOs of these kinds should be made and they should work together to educate the people of the rural areas about the adverse effects of these social evils and how they are deteriorating the lives of the women around them and looking forward to a worse future.

Keertan Smagam organized by Nanhi chhan - Harsimrat Kaur Badal (3).jpg

With increasing female foticide, it will be difficult to maintain a good sex ratio in the state, which is already in a bad position and thus more problems can be foreseen in the future. Also, young girls and boys should understand why dowry is one of the most evil practices in today’s society and is something, which leads to other societal discrimination against the women. Once the dowry system is stopped, people will have a positive attitude towards the idea of having a female child.

Its time to how that women and men are equal in the society and every girl should get an opportunity to prove herself, her talents as the boys, so that they can further be nurtured and taken ahead in the respective fields.

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Effective execution of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao in Punjab

About a year ago, the Government of India had launched a scheme by the name of BetiBachao, BetiPadhao in the country to empower women and promote education for the girl child. This was introduced initially to address the rising issue of Child Sex Ratio in the country.


Recently the Prime Minister’s Office has praised the efforts made by the Punjab Government towards effective implementation of this scheme in the state on its official website. There are a number of factors worth mentioning about the efforts made by the state government and their working process. They are:

  • The scheme has been launched in various districts of Punjab, specially the places where this issue has cropped up the most. Nawanshehar, Hoshiarpur, Ropar, Moga, Kapurthala, Jalandhar, Mansa, Faridkot, Bathinda and Ludhiana are some of those places where it has been fully executed.
  • Punjab Women and Child Development Department is the prime agency that is handling this project in Punjab, along with the support from the education and health department.
  • Different departments are very well handling their duties to successfully empower the girl child. For instance, the health department makes sure that the expecting mothers are registered with the department and there are no loopholes in implementation of the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act in the districts. On the other hand, the education department is progressively working towards taking care of the educational opportunities for the girl child.
  • As per the instructions by the state government, units at the district level have been instructed to prepare the action plan that they are carrying forward to implement the scheme in their respective districts. This will further be taken to the villages and other urban areas where the problem of child sex ratio is still prevalent.
  • Mansa is one of those districts in the country, which has one of the worst sex ratio. Also, the average female literacy for Punjab is 71 percent but in Mansa that is also as low as 55 percent. The government is trying its best to inspire the girls to go to school and take up good education with the help of a scheme by the Mansa administration, named ‘Udaan – Live your dream for one day’.
  • As a result of the above-mentioned effort, around 70 students in Mansa have experienced a day of the professional life with the experienced. This will further help them in understanding how things work and what career they have to go for in their coming future.
  • Hundreds of girls from standard 6th to 8th in Mansa have been taken for a day to experience the lives of professionals like, a police officer, an IAS officer, a doctor and other such high-level positions to let them have an understanding of these professions and help them decide their future career path.

These are efforts which help in building self-confidence amongst girls and make them realize the importance of education, which will further reduce the number of school dropouts in the district, which is currently 30 percent in a place like Mansa.

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Education is of vital importance for any nation. No nation can grow if the people are not educated. The Education Department of Punjab undertakes various activities to enhance the quality of education in the state and to bring in maximum number of students, both girls and boys, to school. To achieve this, the department undertakes various activities and schemes, like imparting quality education to students from class 1st to 12th, computer education to students from class 6th to 12th. The department also undertakes enhancement of school infrastructure and other facilities along with recruitment and training of teachers.

quality education to students from class 1st to 12th.jpg

In an effort to impart quality education to the marginalized, the Punjab government regularly provides free text books to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students in the state. The text books are provided to Scheduled Caste students studying in 1st – 10th class in government as well as private recognized schools.

The literacy rate in Punjab has been growing steadily. The Punjab government has been able to achieve this feat because of various initiatives launched by it. These initiatives cater to every strata and section, thereby, impacting the society as a whole.

The state is also adopting multi-pronged strategy to ensure education for girls and for children who are below poverty line so as to achieve 100 per cent literacy rate. Along with these steps, the state is also focusing on helping the youth channelize their energies into meaningful pursuits.

The State government has come out with an action plan to increase the number of schools for girls and BPL (below poverty line) students besides augmenting scholarship schemes for SC/ST and meritorious students.


Unemployment is the major cause of concern in Punjab. Empowered youth are the backbone of any nation; therefore it is mandatory to provide them with training and job opportunities. Punjab government is constantly coming up with new schemes, training centres and jobs for the upliftment of the youth. Their mission is to ensure overall development of Punjab, which could be achieved by creating enough employment opportunities for the youth. Punjab government had recently launched the biggest ever employment drive in the history of the state and as per the drive, they are offering 1,13,766 government jobs to the youth of Punjab, which is within one year.  In its earlier regime, the Badal Government had offered over one lakh government jobs to youth.

In a bid to put an end to unemployment, various initiatives are being taken up to impart skill development through multi-pronged programs. These initiatives help the youth to face the modern day challenges and be accustomed to the new age technology.

Development in Punjab is on a rapid stride, which in turn has brought a wide scope of employment opportunities. With the technological updates and extensive growth of mechanization, there is a great need of fresh talent in different fields of specialization.

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Progressive Punjab, sukhbir singh badal, Developing Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Punjabi Virsa, Shiromani Akali Dal, Punjab Insights, Bikram Singh Majithia, Punjab Youth