Best in class connectivity in Punjab

Due to the rapid increment in the development, population and globalization like factors, number of vehicles or we can say vehicle population is increasing day by day. With this comes the need of better transportation mediums and connectivity such as roads, connecting highways, and air connectivity etc. Taking into consideration these important factors, Punjab Government has launched various schemes for the betterment of roads, highways, and air connectivity.

There are two main cities of Punjab, i.e. Chandigarh and Ludhiana, where people regularly travel to and fro. So, Punjab government has consistently made all the efforts required to increase the connectivity between these two cities. The better example of this would be the approval to a highway construction project worth Rs. 2,070/- Crores between Kharar and Ludhiana. The plan includes a 6/4 lane highway b/w these cities so that the travelling time can get reduced. It would be around 76 kilometers long highway which is currently a 2 lane road. As per the authorities, it would take around two and half years for the completion of this project as 145 hectares out of 383.2 hectares of land is yet to be acquired.

If we talk about railways, then the plan is to extend the travelling from Ferozepur & Jammu to Katra because high number of people travels on this route till Mata Vaishno Devi shrine. As per the promise of the Union Minister of State for Railways, a new train to Haridwar will be started soon. Already a train from Punjab to Haridwar is currently running, but only during special holiday/festive season. So, authorities have decided to include this train in regular schedule for the people who travel to this pilgrimage regularly. In addition to this, as a lot of business transaction are carried out between Punjab and U.P the mentioned train to Haridwar from Ferozepur will also benefit in generating the revenue. Also, it will act as a convenient mode of transportation for goods as well.


Punjab needs to connect directly to USA

A state develops manifold, once they start having direct international flights. This is so because with the flights start direct trade between the two countries, also tourism definitely is one of the major factors, which brings in development. Along with the question of development, it is easy for people to go on vacations and business purposes to that particular state or country.

As mentioned above, all of this can start in Amritsar, once the direct flight between Amritsar and London is launched. As there is a lot of percentage of people from Punjab staying in London, it is important for the whole state to have some connectivity with this major destination. Air India has recently started a direct flight from Gujarat to London, which would also be covering New Jersey.

NGO Amritsar Vikas Manch has recently kept in their request to start a direct flight from the holy city to London and USA. There is a huge percentage of students of Punjab and a lot of population residing in UK, USA and Canada, therefore it is the need of the hour to gift the state a direct flight to such destinations. Firstly, this will bring the families closer and even give an opportunity to the students of both the destinations to experience different cultures. A large population of the state used to travel on the Amritsar-Birmingham and Amritsar-London-Toronto flights but unfortunately these have been discontinued. The NGO demands the Air India team to restore these two very important routes for the citizens of the state.

Amritsar is known to be one of the major tourist attractions for people internationally, who are keen on visiting India, to experience its culture, food and people. Start of such a connection of Amritsar will bring in another boost to the tourism sector. Along with this, it will also be a great opportunity for the airports and cities around Amritsar to grow along with the same.

It is great to see that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given such a great gift to the Gujarati community in US, UK and Canada. But now the people of Punjab are looking for something to come their way, so that they can also get closer to their families living abroad.

Developing Adarsh Villages in the state

Punjab is known to have a number of villages in the major portion of the state, and these require a lot of development in terms of infrastructure, education, governance and more. The government has now decided to uplift this segment of the state, which holds the roots of Punjab and make it a better place for the people and the community.

The government has developed a huge plan with great ambitions and aspirations, which will help in overall development of the rural areas and create Adarsh Villages all across Punjab. Officers at the district levels have been informed about the same and given instructions to implement this plan at the earliest and in the best possible way. To help in monitoring the development of this plan and creation of Adarsh villages in the right direction, the government has decided to create Planning Units at the Gram Panchayat level.

The 14th Finance Commission had already allocated a good amount of funds for this project to be carried out smoothly and in the best of its spirits. The authorities are trying to implement public representation at the level of the villages so as to induce the Panchayat Raj in the state and make it a stronger practice for managing and developing the respective villages. Under the plan, the Gram Panchayat would be the one that would formulate the Development Plan at the Planning Units with a number of members, including, Sarpanch of that particular village, Panchayat Secretary, Gram Employment assistant, engineers, school teachers, workers and more. Once this has been well-formulated, then NGO, self-help groups and suggested retired officers and workers can also be made a part of the team to help in better suggestions and working.

The guidelines by the Centre Government has been the base of the formulation of this development plan, where the main focus and concern has been given to being transparent in giving out grants and also taking suggestions from the people wherever required. The main issues of the society and specially the villages have been the major concern while developing this plan, like sex ration, welfare of the community, malnutrition, education, increasing death rate of the mother and child, social security, issues of farmers and more.

The state government has been working hard to lift up the social as well as the financial status of the scheduled caste of the society, so that they can get an equal opportunity to develop their future in the society. Cleanliness, safe potable water, development of parks and playgrounds for the kids are a few more major concerns that the development plan will be taking care of.

New Bus Stand constructed at Raman Mandi

The residents of Raman Mandi in Bathinda have been demanding for a new bus stand with modern facilities since a long time as the one that was there before, was of no use. Now a modern bus stand has been constructed there at a cost of Rs. 2. 51 crore.

New Bus Stand constructed at Raman Mandi.jpg

The department of PRTC had to take 12 canals and 5 marlas land of the Raman Mandi council, which is on the Bathinda-Dabwali road on lease to construct the bus stand as it was a dire need of the residents. Avtar Singh Brar, the Chairman of the PRTC has made all the efforts to deliver the best possible results to the public.

He says that the construction of the bus stand started in April in the year 2014. The Union Minister for Food Processing, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, inaugurated the project. The bus stand has been constructed with all the modern facilities for the passengers, starting from loading platforms to different counters for boarding buses, PEB structures, counter boards and more. Toilet facilities have been made separately for men, women and even the handicapped. Parking spaces have been made available for all kinds of transport, like cycle, scooter, rickshaws and cars, so that the passengers visiting the bus stand do not face any challenges.

The passengers would not have to worry even if they have to wait at the bus stand as proper waiting rooms and benches have been made, keeping in mind their comfort and there are seven different shops, hotels and enquiry office, in case the passengers need help from the authorities.

Bus stands have been constructed at Amloh, Patran and Bassi Pathan to offer the best possible services to the people of Punjab. The bus stands are also being constructed at Faridkot and Sangrur, both of them are under construction, out of which the one at Faridkot is almost ready to be open very soon, and the one at Sangrur is done with its 60% construction. To ease out the travelling between the states for the passengers, the PRTC has launched 250 new buses, travelling on different routes, around the state of Punjab.

Harsimrat Badal promotes hygiene for women

Personal hygiene is a major point of concern for ladies in different parts of the country. The urban areas still don’t have much of this issue but it is the rural areas, the villages where females need to be educated about personal hygiene and it is important to make the required products available for them at affordable prices.

HarsimratBadal promotes hygiene for women.jpg

Till date there are many villages in the country where ladies do not use sanitary napkins during their menstruation cycle and go for various other unhealthy options. This is increasing the chances of a number of intensive diseases amongst the females. Harsimrat Kaur Badal has taken a very positive step and has set an example by launching a sanitary napkin vending machine at the Government Senior Secondary School for girls at Mall Road in Bathinda. This is a very unique and very important step that has been taken by the government.

She is now planning to install 20 more such units at different educational institutions in the district. Being installed in the school, it will help in promoting personal hygiene and the girls will also learn the usage of the same. The teachers can talk to the students about the care to be taken during menstruation cycle and how the girls can maintain their hygiene levels to stay healthy. Personal hygiene leads to a healthy life for the ladies and if it starts from the young age itself, then it is even better for them to maintain it throughout their lives and get away from diseases caused due to unhygienic practices.

The vending machines give napkins at a very reasonable rate. It gives out three napkins on pressing the button once, for a charge of Rs. 10. The installation of these machines cost around Rs. 25, 000 and they are being installed by the HLL Company. Incinerators have also been installed in the girls’ washrooms, so that they can dispose off the used napkins in there, which will further burn the napkin. Installation of these machines in the educational institutions itself will help get girls rid of the insult they feel while buying the sanitary napkins from chemist shops or other shops in the markets.

Shorter route being developed for the Mohali Airport

It will be easier for people living in Chandigarh to reach the airport as the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) is developing a new route to the Mohali International Airport from Chandigarh. This route will be three kilometers shorter than the present route that people take to reach the airport.

Shorter route being developed for the Mohali Airport - Developing Punjab, Punjab Transportation

The new route will be connecting the Mohali railway station road, which is in front of the Bawa white House with the recently constructed airport road near Rurka village. For the new route, a road will be laid down from Phase XI of Mohali. Currently, people of Chandigarh have to come through Tribune Chowk to reach the International Airport of Mohali and cover a distance of around 18km. But once the new route is developed, they will have to cover a distance of almost 15 km, which will be saving time for many.

Right now the distance is quite long, as well as complicated, it will be a relief for the city if the new route gets constructed. This will even promote lesser chances of missing out flights for the ones coming from far-away ends of Chandigarh. With the construction of the new stretch, people will not have to pass through the heavy-traffic area of the ISBT Junction as they would take a left turn before itself, from Bawa White House and move further on the proposed stretch.

Shorter route being developed for the Mohali Airport, Developing Punjab, Punjab Transportation

Currently, the GMADA is in the process of getting land at the route, which has been planned, and they say that it will take almost an year to complete the whole laying down process of the new route, before it is open for public. In addition to this, GMADA is also developing three more roads in Mohali, in sectors, 78 to 109.

There will be a lot of expenditure in constructing roads in different parts of Mohali to develop the city and make it easier for people to travel around. The total expenditure would be around Rs. 500 crore. The road, which will be built from Sector 78 to 109, will be the first 200-foot wide road and will end near the railway line in Sector 109. This road will be separating various sectors, like, 86 and 87, 97 and 98 and 105 and 106. It will be a four-kilometer long road. Another 200-foot wide road will soon be constructed from Sector 88 to Sector 101.

Ludhiana, all set for a Makeover

Ludhiana is that city of Punjab, which is known to show off its swanky cars, starting from the Honda and going on till Jaguars and more. But being the Industrial Hub of Punjab, and with so many cars on the road, it is known to be one of the most polluted cities of India. The irony is that it also produces the most numbers of cycles every year; still the people riding those are the least.

Ludhiana all set for a makeover - Developing Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal,Shiromani Akali Dal

Now it has been named as one of the city to be developed as a smart city of India under the scheme launched by the Government of Punjab India, it is expected that with this happening, things will be a lot easier for the residents of Ludhiana. Currently a number of projects and plans are being worked on to develop this city and give it a fresh, new look, with better environment and roads.

Plans have been made to eradicate the diesel auto rickshaws from the streets of Ludhiana and instead place the GPS enabled e-rickshaws in the coming five years. Along with helping in improving the conditions of the environment, it will be easier for everyone to commute safely with the GPS system. Various cities in India, like Delhi has e-rickshaws going all around the city and it is a successful alternative to the diesel operated auto-rickshaws.

With so many cars going on the roads, on daily basis, it is difficult to find a space to park the car in Ludhiana. This is a problem faced by various developing cities but Ludhiana has got a tech-based solution to the same. A new mobile application has been launched in the city which tells you about the areas where parking is available. So now, you don’t have to roam around, checking for availability at different parking lots. The application has been named as ‘Finlo’ and is launched by the municipal corporation, in collaboration with Auribises Technologies. This application will also stop the cheating by the contractors at parking lots, as it contains all the information regarding the parking rates and timing too.

While looking for parking, you can easily check with the application, if there is a free parking lot in the vicinity or any government operated ones with cheaper rates. This will also eradicated the manual slips which are handed over when the car enters, as now you will just have to register at the application and the parking lot operator will scan the same to register your car.